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Learn To See Struggle As A Gift

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"When we learn to see struggle as a necessary,
important, and positive part of the journey,
then we can find true peace and personal power."-Brendon Burchard

Without struggle, growth is hard.
So whatever you are facing right now, 
take it as part of your journey.
pay attention to what you are becoming,
not your struggle. 
It is better. Embrace your struggle.
Make it your own. Learn from it.
When you learn from your struggle,
you are a success.

These Things Will Destroy Us

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"These things will destroy human race:
politics without principle,
progress without compassion,
wealth without work, 
learning without silence,
religion without fearlessness, 
and worship without awareness."- Anthony de Mello

Nothing happens by accident.
Whatever you want, you can get it.
But to get it, you must work for it.