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“Empty Your Life Of The Wrong People”

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com
Look, life is sweet when you are with the right people, when you are living your life, when you are doing meaningful things, when you are doing something bigger than yourself. 
Life is bitter when you are with the wrong people, people who are working day and night to tear you down, people who never see anything good in you, people who are not for your dreams, people who are not willing to help you become a better human being. 
You can help yourself. You can take care of yourself. Do not wait for other people to come and decide how you will live your life. 
You can't change other people. But you can change yourself. You can change your life. And you can "empty your life of the wrong people."
If you do not have the courage to empty your life of the wrong people, you will never attract the right ones into your life.
Joel Osteen writes, "If you don't empty your life of the wrong people, you will never meet the right people."
To meet the right people, you must make room for them to come into your life. If you can't attract them, the right people, they won't come. To do that, you must first let go of the wrong people in your life.
It doesn't matter who they are. They are suckers!

Always Fight For What Is Right

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Whether you are alone or not, 
whether you are with people or not,
whether you know what you are doing or not,
whether you know why you are even doing it or not,
always fight for what is right.

We are human beings. We are connected,
whether we know it or not.
We need other people to succeed in life.
And other people need us to succeed in life.

It is not easy to stand alone. It takes courage to do 
brave things alone.
 But sometimes it is better to start it alone.
Because you don't need other people to start something,
but you need other people to finish it.

Remember, what is good for you is good for other people.
If you see something that you don't like, speak up.
If you are not okay with something, then other people 
are not going to be okay with it.

If you do not stop injustice, it will continue.
If you do not want to see injustice, then fight for what is right.
If it is right for you, it is right for other people.