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“Why Are We So Busy?”

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“Why are we so busy?” “Because we run out of space.” Because we want to make people happy. Because we are out of self-control, out of self-mastery, out of self-management. If you want to be really productive, you must slow down. You must NOT follow the crowd. You must follow yourself. You must believe in yourself.

But you can do something about it. You can change it. You can live your normal life. You can be you, not others.

You are busy when you are trying to live your life like other people. You are busy when you do not even know what you represent. You are busy when you are trying to fit in.

It pays to be you. If you have the courage to do it. Off course, you do. How? In his book, The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Nothing = Have Nothing, Neil Paricha asked, “What’s the secret step we can take to never be busy again?” The answer is, according to Neil Paricha, “Create Space.” He continues: “Creating space is the secret step to freeing yourself from the oppression of your busy life. … Creating space means injecting space into your life so you can properly live it.”

Yes, we are busy. But do not let it take over your life. Yes, we live in a busy world. But if you are not careful, it will take over your life, your peace.

When you are busy, you are out of your balance. When you are busy, you are not in control of your life. When you are busy, you are not in control of your own thoughts. When you are not in control of your own thoughts, then you are not in the right state of mind.

Busyness is crazyness.

If you want to achieve greatness in your life, you must slow down. If not, you are not going to achieve anything in your life.

When you are out of balance, you are out of life. Why? Because we die slowly. Because we die every day.

The Secret Of Happiness, According To The Dalai Lama

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What is the real secret of happiness?

To answer this question, the Dalai Lama says, “Many people feel money is the source of a happy life. Money is necessary, but useful- but more and more money doesn’t bring happiness. Relying on money to be happy is too materialistic.”

Happiness is not about money.

Happiness doesn’t care about your money.

It is more than your money.

If you are not happy, don’t blame your money.

Happiness is not about your bank account.

Happiness is not about your titles.

Happiness is not about your cars.

Happiness is not about your vacation homes.

Happiness is more than material possessions.

Happiness happens in your mind.

If your mind is healthy, clean, positive, you will find happiness. The Dalai Lama adds: “Nowadays, many people have the belief that if material progress continues, then everything will be okay. That way of thinking is a mistake. Material goods provide comfort for the physical body but not for the mind.”

If you want to be happy, you must work really hard to protect your mind. Remember, happiness is not about money. It is about your mind.

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