Love Is Freedom

Trees Beside River
Photo by Pixabay

Love is freedom. To love people is to give people freedom to live their lives.

Love cannot exist without freedom. Love is giving freedom to yourself, to other people.

Love is not taking freedom away from people. It is giving them freedom to fail, to love themselves, to make their own mistakes, to take their own risks.

Where there is no freedom, their is no love. Because love cannot exist where there is no freedom. So if you want to love yourself, give yourself freedom to love yourself. If you want other people to really show you true love, do not control them.

Love is not about control. Love is about losing control. In the words of Paulo Coelho, “To love is to lose control.” If you cannot lose control, you cannot love. Because love is not about control. It is about freedom.

Chance Is Always Powerful

Scenic View of Rainforest
Photo by Arnie Chou

“Chance is always powerful. Let your hook always be cast; in the pod where you least expect it, there will be fish.”- Publius Ovidius

What are you looking for? Are you crying for a new relationship? Are you searching for a new job? Are you planning to move to another city? Are you tired of where you are working?

No matter what you are looking for, you can achieve it. It is within your reach. And to reach it, you must look within yourself. Start with yourself. Look within for what you are looking for. Everything is within you. God has given you everything. All you need to do is to look within yourself.

“You can change yourself, but do not forget your values.”

If you don’t like where you are right now, change it. If you cannot change it, make it better. And if you cannot make it better, leave. But before you do that, you must know why you are living where you are. And when you leave to a new place, do not forget your values. Let your values guide your decisions. And to catch your fish, you must stay away from people who don’t want you to leave where you are. Because you won’t grow if you stay with them. They are okay with what they are doing, but you are not.

You can change yourself, but do not forget your values.