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Whether People Like Your Life Or Not, Do Not Betray Yourself

Photo by Brett Jordan

Do not betray yourself. Do not disrespect yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is yours and yours alone. Do not allow other people to control your life. Your life is your life. Whether people like your life or not, do not betray yourself. Whether people like you or not, do not give up on yourself. Whether people want you to succeed or not, do not betray your life. Because you are who you are. You are not here to copy other people. You are here to live your own life, to enjoy your life.

Do not worry yourself about what other people are saying about you. They have no control over your life. You are the owner of your life. You are responsible for your life, for your actions. Do not separate yourself from your soul. Your soul needs you. Because the more you separate yourself from your soul, the less your life will work for you. You will find it really hard to find happiness. Why is that? Because you are not who you say you are.

No matter what, you should never betray yourself. Always be true to yourself. Always respect yourself, your life. If you are not honest with yourself, there can be no growth in your life. Because growth, real growth, starts with you. In the words of Theodore Parker, “Never violate the sacredness of your individual self-respect. Be true to your own mind and conscience, your heart and your soul. So only can you be true to God.” If you want to know God, if you want to know yourself, you must be honest with yourself.

Does It Matter?

Photo by cottonbro

Does it really matter? When you are enjoying your life, when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, when you are living your life, when you are loving yourself, when you are making yourself happy, when you are trying new things, when you are not afraid to think for yourself, when you are reinventing yourself, other people’s opinions don’t matter.

But if other people’s opinions don’t matter, then why are we worrying ourselves about them? Why can’t we just live our lives without worrying about other people’s opinions? Why can’t we just keep going, keep going to places? We can, but we don’t. We can, but we won’t. Why is that? Because we want to fit in. We want other people to like us. If you have been doing it, stop it.

You can’t fit in and expect yourself to do great things. You can’t fit in and still live your normal life. You can’t fit in and still have the courage to think for yourself. Because fitting in is the same thing as just going with the flow. When you go with the flow, you are just doing what other people want you to do.You are just living the way they want you to live, to think. If you want to make a diffrence, you must learn how to question the flow. Before you go with the flow, question it. There is power in questioning. The more questions you ask, the more you will know about yourself, about your life, and about the people around you. Questions are good, not bad. If you have the courage to ask intelligent questions, why not?

If you want to get to the next level, if you want to make a difference, do not worry about other people’s opinions of you. Why? Because they don’t count. They don’t matter. Do they really matter?