5 Simple Ways To Live A Slower Life

Photo by invisiblepower on Pexels.com
Life is a gift. It is a gift from God.
What are we doing with our lives? We don't take care of it.
We are busy. We are working. We are pursuing the next,
the next, the next.... And the next will never end.

But you can put a stop to it. It is not what you are here to do.
Do not give your power away. You have the power to do 
amazing things. But if you are not there for you, 
then how can you take care of your broken soul?

Here are five simple ways to get there: If you want to live a slower life, you 
must pay attention to what is going on in your life. According to Brooke McALary,
'In order to change, we first need to notice. To pay attention, not only to what 
is happening around us and the good things in our lives we ought to be greatful for,
but also to ourselves. To notice what gives us passion and energy, 
what lights us up and makes us feel good.''

Do not forget why you are here. Before you get into the habit of busyness, 
ask yourself, 'Am I running my own race?' 'Am I pursuing my why?' if not, 
it is never too late to start looking for your why. To quote Brooke, 'Do the 
work of uncovering your why. Do the work of establishing your own 
personal philosophy and set of values. Do the work of naming the 
highest, eulogy-worthy priorities in your life. Then do the work of putting them
at the center of your life, every day.'

Practice mindfulness. You don't have to be an expert to do it. Pay attention to 
what is going on within you. Live in the moment. Wherever you are, be there. 
According to Brooke, 'A mindfulness moment. What can you see right now?
What can you hear? What can you feel? What can you smell? What can you taste?'

If you want to live a simpler life, do not forget about your movement. It matters. 
It says a lot about you. If you want it to make sense, you must pay attention to it.
In the words of Brooke, 'Pay attention to how movement makes you feel-
not how it makes you look. Use it to fill up, not deplete you.'

And finally, do not forget to make time for what you love, for what is important to you,
to your life, to your career, and to your future. If something is not right to you, 
then don't do it. If it is right, meaning it is getting you closer to your dreams, then 
focus on doing more of it.