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Why You Can’t Get Anything Done

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“Action is the fundamental key to all success.”- Anthony Robbins

It is not enough to dream. You must take action to make your dream a reality. If you want to change things in your life, don’t be a dreamer, but a doer. It is even better for you to be a dreamer and a doer. Why is that? Because everything starts with a dream.

If you want your dream to grow, if you want it to change your life, you must take action to make it happen. Nothing happens by accident. You know what to do to change your life, but you are not doing it. You are not doing it because you are scared of not doing it well. You don’t want to fail. You want it be perfect. You want to know everything about your dream before you start pursuing it. If this is what you have been doing to your life, it won’t work. You have got to change it.

To get things done, start where you are, with what you have. Don’t wait for the perfect time to come. When it comes to growth, there is no perfect time to start. If you want to start, now is the right time.

You Need Time To…

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Time is precious. Anything that stops you from using your time well stops your growth and development. Use your time to change yourself. Remember that time is not measured by the quantity of the deeds that you do but by the quality of the deeds that you do.

You need time to love, time to reinvent yourself, time to learn, time to grow, time to form a positive relationship, time to forgive, time to be yourself, time to connect with your inner self, and time to make your dreams come true. You need time to do great things. Nothing happens overnight. If you want to become a great soul, you need time. Because it takes time to become great. It takes time to get to the top. If you want to get to the top of your career, you need time to grow, to stretch yourself.