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Life Is The Time Between These Two Things

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People try to define life

“People try to define life. … But in reality, life is simply the time between birth and death. … But if you could just see the beauty around you and realize the goodness that it means to be able to breathe, to be able to exist, and for somebody to be able to facilitate that for you, then God is not mysterious, God is kind and beautiful.”- Prem Rawat, Spiritual teacher

Jane Roberts Quotes That Will Help You Succeed In Life

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“Mistakes are proof you are trying.”- RODNAE Productions

What steps are you taking to succeed in your life? What are you doing to improve your life? What are you letting go to improve your space?

If you want to succeed in your life, you must have a plan to get there. Without a plan, a comprehensive one, you cannot get to where you want to go.

Here are some quotes that will help you get there:

“You create your reality.”– Jane Roberts

What are you doing right now to shape your future. Remember, your future begins today. Whatever you are doing right now is making your future. If you want a better future, you must never settle for less.

“Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you to stop suffering.”– Jane Roberts

Suffering weakens the soul. It weakens your creative muscles. But if it is improving your life, then listen to it. Because if you ignore why you are suffering, you miss why you are suffering. And you will never learn from your suffering. Suffer for something, not for nothing.