Finding Yourself

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Pearl Bailey said, “You never find yourself until you face the truth.”

This is the problem with many of us. We don’t want to face the truth. We don’t want to face reality. We don’t even want to look in the mirror to see our real self. We don’t. We are afraid to do it. We don’t want to face the reality of life. We won’t like what we will see.

But if we don’t have the courage to ask ourselves the right questions, how are we going to be great in life? How?

To know who you really are, what you want to achieve in life, and how to achieve it, you must face the truth. You must face your weaknesses, your strengths, your growth, and your development.

It is important to face the truth. It will help you make the right decisions. It will help you know what you want, when you want it, and how to get it. When you face the truth, you will know where you are going in life. If you don’t face the truth, you will never know who you are, and you will continue to do the wrong things. You will continue to make the wrong decisions. To change that, you must be willing and ready to ALWAYS face the truth.

No matter how hard, always face the truth. Always do the right things. Never stop doing the right things. Always question yourself. Always challenge your beliefs. Always question your thoughts. If you can do that, you will know who you really are.

Believe In Yourself

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Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a life time is being who you are.”

According to James Allen, “He who believes climbs rapidly the heavenly hills.”

“Belief is an attitude of mind determining the whole course of one’s life.”- James Allen

We want to succeed in life, but we doubt ourselves. We don’t believe we can do it. We don’t believe we can do it because it has not been done before. it does not matter. Be the first person to do it.

Self-doubt is one of the reasons we struggle to get things done in life. If we believe in ourselves, there is nothing we cannot do. Greatness starts with self-belief.

When you doubt yourself, when you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect yourself to get things done? Impossible. If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe in your vision, mission, values, no one will believe in you.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, and the world will believe in you and what you are selling.

Start by believing in yourself!

To Move Forward In Life, You Must Be Your Real Self

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“The person who is not master of himself can never be master of others.”- Napoleon Hill

“You are the architect of your own life.”– Napoleon Hill

“You can do great things in life if you are your best self.”– E. Bright

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”– Carol Burnett, actress

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable.”– John Green, author

If you want to achieve greatness in your life, you must be who you are. You must be your real self.Don’t worry about what people are saying about you. Focus on what is important to you, and how you are going to get the results you are looking for.

Accept yourself the way you are. Don’t let anyone put you down, or talk you down. Choose your fight wisely. Don’t fight petty fight. They are irrelevant. They will not help reach your goals. They will set you back. When people disagree with you, respectfully tell them how you feel, and move on.

Don’t let negative comments affect your life. Why? Because there are people out there whose sole purpose is to make you unhappy, to tear you down, to point out what is wrong about you, to tell you that you are not good enough, to tell you that you are doing the wrong course. It is their opinion, not yours. Their negative comments about you will affect you only if you allow them into your life, only if you allow them to stay in your life.

If you dismiss them immediately and replace them with positive comments about yourself, they will not stay. They will fade away. Remember, if you don’t play negative comments in your head, you will not remember them, you will forget them. So, if you want to deal with negative talk, replace them with positive ones.

You are who you are. Don’t try to be who you are not. If you do that, you are not living your life, you are living someone else’s life. To move forward in life, learn how to live your own life

Pursue Your Purpose, Not Your Passion

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“To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.”- Plutarch, Greek-Roman biographer

Whatever you want to achieve in your life, go for it. Do not let the fear of failure stop you from pursuing your purpose. The reason we are here is to pursue our purposes. If you are not pursuing your purpose, what are you pursuing?

No matter what you want to achieve in your life, it is not going to be perfect before you start. We are not perfect. We live in an imperfect world. So, our decisions are not going to be perfect. Remember, there is power in imperfection. Publilius Syrus said, “No one knows what he can do until he tries.”

To achieve greatness in you life, you must follow your purpose, not your passion. Your purpose is who you are. It is bigger than your passion. Your purpose in life is your driver, meaning it controls all your decisions. Your purpose doesn’t change. It stays the same.

On the other hand, your passion changes with time. If you want to be successful, follow your driver- purpose.