Words Are Living

Green Grass and Green Leaf Tree Field
Photo by oleg Magni

“Words are mighty, words are living:

Serpents with their venomous stings,

Or bright angels, crowding around us,

With heaven’s light upon their wings:

Every word has its own spirit,

True or false, that never dies;

Every word man’s lips have uttered

Echoes in God’s skies.”-

Author, Adelaide Anne Procter

The Way Is Long And Weary

Brown Wooden Bridge
Photo by Pixabay

The way is long and weary,

The path is bleak and bare;

Our feet are worn and weary,

But we will not despair;

More weary was Thy burden,

More desolate Thy ways,

O Lamb of God, who takest

The sin of the world away,

Have mercy upon us.”-

Adelaide Anne Procter