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When Is Enough Really Enough?

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Henri- Frederic Amiel said, “There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self.” It takes humility to say “enough is really enough.” The question is, “When is enough really enough?”

Enough is enough when you can’t stand up for yourself anymore. Enough is enough when you can’t pursue your dreams, when you can’t pursue your goals. Enough is really enough when we can’t take care of our lives anymore. Enough is enough when no one seems to care about you. Enough is enough when you can’t sleep. Enough is enough when you can’t get anything done. Enough is enough when you are just existing. Enough is enough when you are bigger than what you are doing. Enough is enough when you are ready to move on to the next new thing.

But it takes real courage to face it. It takes courage to quit a job. It takes courage to start a new business. It takes courage to even ask your girl friend to marry you. It takes courage to do everything. Sometimes you just need to say enough is enough and be okay with your life. Because if you can’t say enough is enough, how can you focus on what is important to you? You can’t.

Before you say enough is enough, you must know why you are saying it. Let is be your own why, not other people’s whys. Love yourself enough to take a leap of faith. Love yourself enough to take risks. According to Cleo Wade, “Love yourself enough to say enough is enough when enough has become enough.” No matter where you are, what you are doing, love yourself enough to say, “enough is really enough.”

Stop Saying You Are Not Good Enough Yourself

Photo by RODNAE Productions

Anthony Trollope said, “Never think that you’re not good enough yourself. A man should never say that: people will take you very much at your reckoning.” Don’t say anything stupid about yourself. Use the power of your words to change your life. Stop calling yourself names. Don’t judge yourself. No one is a perfect human being. Instead of calling yourself names, why not commit yourself to your life?

You are not defined by what you do; you are defined by love. Commit yourself to your own life. Make your life better. Because without commitment to your life, you can’t really do anything with your time. Don’t let your past define you. Don’t let what you went through in your life define you. Don’t let what other people have done to you define your future.

You are who are. No one is like you. God created you for a purpose. You are here to create, not to consume. And to fully create your own life, to fully live your life, to fully follow your path, you must take charge of your life. You must stop saying you are not good enough. It is not true. You are good enough. You are good enough for yourself. Whether people like how you live your life or not, you are good enough for yourself.

Never disrespect yourself. And do not let anyone disrespect you. Because you will get what you accept into your life. Stop blaming yourself. The past is gone. You can’t get it back. So why worry about it?

If you want to enjoy your life, you must stop telling yourself negative things. You must stop feeding your mind with bad things about yourself. You must stop living an average life. You must stop doing average things. You must do things that cause you to love yourself even more. No matter what you have done to yourself, forgive yourself and move on. To do that, you must renew your mind. Because you can’t change your life with old thoughts. You can do it. Let us start now.