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How To Become More Successful In Life

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Be patient with yourself. 
Remember that great things don't happen 
overnight. Just because you are still 
where you are, it does not mean you 
are not trying to make things happen.
Anthony Robbins said, "just because 
you don't see immediate results, it doesn't 
mean you're not making progress."

Do what you say you are going to do.
In other words, do not procrastinate.
When something is important to you, 
then do it. There is no better time to do it 
than right now. It is all you have.
Why not use it to better your life?
According to Dan Rockwell, "You 
disrespect yourself when you consistently 
don't do what you commit to do."
Do not disrespect yourself.

Leave your comfort zone.
Do not settle for less. what you are looking
for is on the other side, is somewhere else.
To get there, you have got to decide.
E.B. White said, "Everything in life is 
somewhere else, and you get there in a car."

What Do You Love Doing?

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Even if you don't yet know what you love
doing, it is never too late to pick one thing,
one thing that makes you happy,
one thing that you just can't stop talking about,
one thing that you see yourself doing in the future.

Do not put any limit on yourself. 
Because you can do more than you think.
Because you know more than you think.

Once you know what you can do,
Once you know what really makes you come alive,
you will never let it go.
You will do whatever you can to make it stay alive.
And you can do it if you commit yourself to making it happen,
if you feed it, if you water it, if you sun it, 
and if you protect it from toxic minds.

And if you can't find what you love doing,
then make whatever you have right now a better one.
Because there is no better thing out there 
that is better than the one you have. 
If you leave it, if you do not take care of it,
someone else will.