Make Peace With The past

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Najwa Zebian says, "If you're not at peace with your past, 
don't expect a hopeful future to come easily."

Living in the past won't get you anywhere. You were there before,
but it didn't work. It didn't give you life. Instead, you walked 
away with nothing. 

You walked away with nothing. But you never really make peace with your past.
If you want to move forward, don't forget where you are.
Because if you do not take care of your present, your future is not going to be easy.

You can create a better future for yourself. You do that by taking care of yourself,
by taking care of your present, and by taking care of your soul.
Do not focus on what you do not have. Do not let what other 
people have disturb your mind. Because a healthy mind is a healthy body.
If you want to enjoy your future, you must first settle the past.