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Can You Wait?

Photo by Quu1ed1c Bu1ea3o on Pexels.com
It takes courage to wait.
Do you have the courage to wait for the right time,
for the right person,
for the right job?
Can you wait?
You can do great things. But you must wait.
Do not rush through life. Do not rush through things.
Nature doesn't rush. Life doesn't rush. 
So why are we rushing? Why can't we slow down?
Why can't we wait to enjoy the little things around us,
to appreciate our lives, to live in the present, 
to share our lives with others,
to get to know ourselves better?
Everyone can wait. You can wait.
You can achieve your dreams, 
if you can wait. Can you wait?

Beauty Is Everywhere

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com
Beauty is everywhere. 
To see the beauty in what you are doing,
in your life, in the people around you,
in nature, focus on what is possible,
not on what is not possible.

To enjoy your work, to enjoy your journey,
your success journey, your mastery journey,
your self-development journey,
your change journey, you must focus on the process,
not the destination. 
If you focus on the process, you will learn a lot.
But if you focus on the destination, 
you won't learn anything. Why?
Because you are not living in the present.
You are living in the future.
And to achieve success, you must live in the present.
Because everything happens in the present.
Not in the past. Not in the future.

To enjoy the journey, focus on it.
To enjoy what you are doing, 
you must find the beauty in it. 
It will happen if you believe in it, 
if you expect it, if you trust it, 
if you let it happen. And it will happen.
Because beauty is everywhere.