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How To Rise Above Fear

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com
The only way to conquer fear is to face it.
And to rise above it, just live in love.
Stand for something greater than fear.

Stand for love. Live in love. Do not give in to fear.
And do let it control you. 
Whatever you want to do in your life, 
yes, there is fear, but you MUST keep going.

Fear wants you to stop whatever you are doing.
But do not let that happen. 
If you do, you will never achieve your dreams. 
And that is what fear wants. 

Fear is real, but you are bigger than fear. 
Your dreams, your goals, are bigger than fear.
Your life is bigger than fear. 
So when fear shows up, keep going. 
That is how to rise above fear.

Are You Done?

Photo by Mu1ea1nh Hu00f9ng on Pexels.com
Are you done developing yourself? 
If you want to win in your life, then you are not done growing yourself. 
Even if you are not getting what you want, even if you are not there yet,
even if things are not going your way, do not give up.

Yesterday's losers are today's experts. Yesterday's timid ones are today's courageous ones.
So if you are not there yet, it does not mean it is not going to happen for you. 
Do not give up. Do not give in to fear. You will get there. 

Before you forget your dreams, do not forget that human beings are not finished products. 
We are incomplete. We are not perfect. We are still developing. We are still growing, still learning.
And it will never stop. 

So do not let the fear of failure stop you from getting what you want. Do not let the fear of falling stop you from standing up. And do not let the fear of losing stop you from playing. 
Why? Because if you do not play, you are not going to win. No chance. 
If you are not in, you are out. 
Do not get out. Don't take yourself out. If you do not take yourself out, no one can take you out.