You Can Make Yourself Happy, According To Psychology

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“If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.”– Richard Bach

Does your happiness depend on other people’s lives? Does your happiness depend on your job? Does your happiness depend on your pocket (money)?

If your happiness depends on those things, you do have a problem. Nothing can make you happy but yourself. No one can make you happy. No one can bring you happiness but yourself. If you really care about your happiness, focus on your purpose in life. Purpose brings happiness.

You can’t buy happiness, but meaningful things can make you happy. If you want to make yourself happy, I mean really happy, you must focus on doing meaningful things. Good things can make you happy, not people. Don’t expect happiness from anyone. No one can make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy. Don’t go around chasing happiness. All you need to do is look within yourself. Happiness is in your mind. If you want to make yourself happy, don’t allow negative thoughts to take charge of your life.

According to Franz Schubert, “You believe happiness to be derived from the place in which once you have been happy, but in truth it is centered in ourselves.” Your happiness is centered in yourself. Your happiness is your choice. You can make yourself happy. You can make yourself happy by changing the relationship you have with yourself. When it comes to happiness, how you see yourself matters. It matters more than anything else. When you change how you see yourself, your life will change. Your personality will change. Your future will change. Above all, your self-esteem will go up.

You can make yourself happy if you have the courage to love yourself. Love is the real happiness. Why? Yes, because if you don’t love yourself, you can’t make yourself happy. Everything starts with love. Love is in charge of our lives. When you are in love with yourself, your life will reflect it. Sigmund Freud famously said, “We must begin to love in order not to fall ill.” So, if you want to make yourself happy, make yourself happy. But don’t expect to be happy every day. It is not going to happen. You must accept what you have. Everything is not going to go your way. You must be happy with what you have, where you are, and move on with your life.

Are you ready to make yourself happy?

Why You Should Be The Owner Of Your Own Story

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You are your story.”

“So many of us go through life with our stories hidden, feeling ashamed or afraid when our truth doesn’t live up to some established ideal… That is, until someone dares to start telling that story differently.”– Michelle Obama

Your story matters. The question is, “Are you the owner of your story?” If you are not the person in charge of writing your story, who is writing it? You must be the owner of your story. You must be proud of your story. Because your story is who you are. Don’t give it away for nothing. It is important.

Don’t be afraid to write your story. Don’t be scared to tell the world who you really are. Don’t be scared to tell the world where you have been. The world wants to hear your story. The world wants to hear about your failures, your challenges, your successes, and your struggles.

The world wants to hear from you. Are you ready to tell the world who you really are?

Don’t be afraid to narrate your own story. If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you. And when they do it, they will do it wrongly. They will narrate their own versions of your story. You must be in charge of your life. Because your story is your life. It is your history. It will be your legacy. It is your power. Don’t let the world hear your story from another person. Let the world hear your own story from you.

According to Michelle Obama, “Your story is the most powerful part of who you are- the struggles, failures, successes, and everything in between. Remember always to stay open to new experiences and never let doubters get in the way.” And you shouldn’t get in your own way. Write your own story. Yes, write it.

Your story is not against you; it is for you. Your story is for you. It can change your life if you master it. You are a victor of your story. You are not a victim of your own story. Whatever you have been through in your life, write about it. It is your story.

Tell your story. Use your story to build your character, to learn from your mistakes, to learn more about yourself, and to grow your spiritual Self.

It doesn’t matter where you have been. It matters where you are going. Use your own story to guide your life. Use your own story to live your life. Let your story be your teacher. Don’t blame anyone for your life. If you want to enjoy your own story, you must take responsibility for telling it. Because you are your own story. Keep it going!

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