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How To Design A Better Version Of Yourself

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com
To design a better version of yourself, 
you must know your "why."
You must first define what you want,
why you want it. Gezim Gashi says, 
"When you know your why, 
when you are committed to sharing 
your gifts authentically and serving others,
you will naturally start changing other
people's lives."

Do you have what it takes to pursue your dreams?
If you do, then go for it. 
Do not wait for the right time to 
go after your dreams. 
If your dreams mean a lot to you, then 
fight for it. Alfredo Di Stefano said, 
"We must always strive to improve ourselves."
To achieve your dreams, to bring your dreams to life,
you must strive to improve yourself every day.

No one is a perfect person.
We are not perfect. So if you make a mistake,
that is okay. But try not to make the same one again.
And do not let your past failures hold you back.
If you want to go up, you must free yourself 
from your past mistakes. 
According to Noah St. John, "When you do not 
forgive your past, you are bound to the past
by chains that are stronger than steel."

If you want to go forward, you must free yourself from 
your past. You must "forgive your past."

Do Not Let Your Past Define Your Future

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com
You are not your past. Your past is gone.
Do not let your past mistakes define your future.
Do not let your past failures, your past actions
define who you are, who you are becoming, 
and where you are going. 

Your past is important, but live in the moment.
Why is that? Because great things happen in the 
present, not in the past.
So if you want to achieve greatness in your own life,
in your own career, and in your own relationships,
you must focus on where you are, not where you have been.

Where you have been is where you have been.
It is over. It does not matter right now. 
Life is happening right now. 
All you need to know right now is what is 
going on in the moment. 
Because your future depends on this moment.

And to make your future a better one,
if you messed up, clean it.
Do not bring it into your future.
It will disturb your progress.
It has the power to slow things down.
To avoid that, fix your mess.