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Work On Yourself, Not Others

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"Even if you seek to harm an enemy, you should remove your own defects and cultivate good qualities. Through that you will help yourself, and the enemy will be displeased."- Nagarjuna

Do not try to fix, to change another person. Do not try to do to others what you can't do to yourself. Before you try to change another person, you must first change yourself. 
Focus on what you can do for yourself, not what others can do for you. You will enjoy your life even more than you are enjoying now if you can just focus on working on yourself. 

Work on yourself. It is you. Life is all about you. Do not be scared to confront life. Because if you do not do it, no one is going to help you get rid of your defects. If you want your defects to go away, you must be true to yourself. 
Whatever you want from others, just do it for yourself. When you do, others will do the same. 

Keep Your Eye On Your Goal

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"In order to advance to the place you have chosen, 
two things are necessary: one, that you keep your 
eye on your goal, and two, that you continue to grow 
from the standpoint of competence and effectiveness."
Earl Nightingale

Dreams are not easy, but you can achieve your dreams.
No matter how hard, do not give in to fear.
Do not forget where you are going.
Do not forget why you are doing what you are doing.
It is your journey. So take your time.
Focus on your 'why', and you will get there.