Without Accountability, You Can’t Build Credibility

Wonderful Aling Aling Waterfall among lush greenery of Sambangan mountainous area on Bali Island
Photo by ArtHouse Studio

Without accountability, without taking responsibility for your life, you can’t build a great life. Without taking responsibility for your life, you can’t move forward in your life. Don’t fear accountability. Don’t let it stop you from living your life. Don’t let it stop you from taking risks.

To grow, you must take risks. According to Naval Ravikant, “Embrace accountability and take business risks under your own name. Society will reward you with responsibility, equity, and leverage. … Clear accountability is important. Without accountability, you don’t have incentives. Without accountability, you can’t build credibility. But you take risks. You risk failure. You risk humiliation. You risk failure under your own name.” If you want to be successful, you must embrace risks.

You risk failure under your own name. You risk embarrassment under your own name. You risk take responsibility under your own name. Don’t risk anything under another person’s name. Risk everything under your own name. Because it is not about them. It is about you. It is about your growth, your success, your life. Embrace risks and move forward under your own name.

Destiny Is Manifested Only Through Action

New Zealand Topography From Above
Photo by Harrison Candlin

Action cures fear. It cures everything. If you want to move ahead, if you want to achieve greatness, you must make action your best friend. Because there is nothing you cannot achieve when you take action.

It is not okay to dream. It is not okay to talk. It is not okay to plan. If you want your dream to come to pass, you must take action. Talk will not do it for you. Planning is good, but you need to take action to put your plan to work.

Take action. Don’t live a life of inaction. Inaction is a disease. If you want to cure your inaction, take action. There is power in action. In the words of Suzy Kassem, “Destiny is manifested only through action. You cannot be the captain of your own destiny, only the sailor, because we cannot control external influences that may alter the stability or direction of our ships. Once you understand this basic principle, you won’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t go your way. If man could could write his own fate, he would have designed his journey to be without obstacles.” From now on, you shouldn’t worry yourself about what you cannot control. You can’t control what is happening out there, but you can control yourself.