How To Cultivate A Creative Life

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You can bring out the creative genius within you. You have the power to do it. But to got there, you must change how you see the world around you. If your goal is to get a better result, then you must take care of your thinking. Why is that? Because if the thinking is right, the result will take care of itself. 

So to cultivate a creative life, according to Carrie Bloomston, 'Be disruptive of your creative process and your life and you will find a wellspring of riches and freedom. Step outside the normal. Step outside the expected to find your creative self. Be curious.'' Creativity is about being yourself. If you want to change anything in your life, in your career, in your relationships, do not be afraid to do it. Because if you do not act, the situation is not going to change by itself. If you want to change, yes, it is difficult, but you go ahead and do it. 
Remember, according to Carrie, 'Everything you create is a self-portrait.'' So why not create yourself? Why not change yourself? 

Do not ignore the wonderful things in your life, and around you. In his book Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life, Humble The Poet writes, 'We tend to sabotage our happiness by ignoring the wonderful things in our life.'' You have a lot in your life to be grateful for. Instead of beating yourself up over what you do not have, why not focus on what you? Instead of fear, why not faith? Instead of doubt, why not courage?
Instead of procrastination, why not action? And instead of fear, why not creativity? Remember, you get what you focus on. If you want your creative muscles to grow, then focus on cultivating a creative life. And you do that by doing creative things.