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This Is Why You Should Mind Your Own Business

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The only way to get to where you are going is to do your own thing. Do not make the mistake of not doing your own thing. It is your life to live. So live it well.

Create your own life. When you see other people doing their own things, do not envy them. Because their dreams are not your dreams. And your dreams are not their dreams.

You are here to live your dreams, to create your own life, to focus on what is important to you, to do the right thing, to love. You are not here to imitate anybody.

Maintain your own reality. Tim Burton writes, “One person’s crazyness is another person’s reality.” It is true. If you really want to live your life, you must do your own thing.

Best Michael Korda Quotes On How To Get The Most Out Of Life

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Are you in a job you hate?

“If you are in a job you hate, face the fact squarely and get out. You may earn a good living, you may have a safer career, but you will never be a success.“- Michael Korda, novelist

Never walk away from failure

“Remember: never walk away from failure. On the contrary, study it carefully– and imaginatively- for its hidden assets.”– Michael Korda, novelist

The freedom to fail

“The freedom to fail is vital if you’re going to succeed. Most successful people fail from time to time, and it is a measure of their strength that failure merely propels them into some new attempts at success.”- Michael Korda

Accept the world as it is

“To succeed it is necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it.”- Michael korda

Believe you can win

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”- Michael Korda

How to keep your momentum going

“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”- Michael Korda