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Push Yourself To Keep Going

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“When you feel like giving up, focus on the outcome rather than the struggle- and push yourself to keep going, no matter how difficult this may seem. Be careful to evaluate your goal. If it’s the right goal fof you, you are unlikely to act on the urge to quit in the face of challenges.”- Greg S. Reid

You will encounter obstacles on your way to your own success. It is not going to be a smooth ride. If you really want to achieve your goals, you must not give up. But you must know when to say, “enough is enough.”

Brett Jordan

If your going gets tough, do not quit. Just keep going. Do not even think of quitting. Before you quit, ask yourself, ” What is the worse that can happen if I give up?” If it will affect your life in a big way, then do not quit. Instead, find a different way of approaching the same problem.

Brett Jordan

It is easy to give up. But it is not easy to start again. The best time to give up is when you are done. The second best time to give up is when you have found a better way forward. If not, do not try it. Even if other people are giving up on their dreams, do not do it. Because they are not you. You are not them. And you guys are not running the same race. You guys are different.

Brett Jordan

If you are not them, then why are you running after their dreams?

Is Success Really Worth It?

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Robert Collier said, “No goal is ever won without overcoming obstacles.” Success has a price. If you are willing and ready to pay the price, you will be successful. But if you haven’t done your work, if you have not assess yourself, if you have not asked yourself some tough questions, do not go there. Because success is real. If you want it, you must be real. You must be willing and ready to give all that you’ve got. Give your best. Because you are not going to be able to conquer yourself if you don’t want to work.

Yes, success is possible, but you must do your work. Success is within your reach, but you must get your hands dirty.

When you are going after your success, when you are chasing your purpose, focus on the process, not the destination. And when you are faced with a problem, just remember why you are doing what you are doing. And don’t forget that where their are not difficulties, there can be no growth.

If we don’t face obstacles, we don’t grow. So, if what you are doing is not going well, just remember that if you want to grow, you must face obstacles. If we want to kick average away from our lives, we must challenge ourselves. We must push ourselves. We must give it all. We must learn to love ourselves, no matter what. And you must not hold anything back. You must put everything into it, if you have the heart.

If you have the heart to pursue success, it will come to you. The question is, Do you have what it takes to pursue success?