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The Power Of A Good Example

Photo by Markus Spiske

If you want people to follow you, do not tell them what you can do, show them what you can do. People believe in actions. They want to see actions. Because actions matter. If you don’t have the courage to do what you say you are going to do, then stop talking.

As the old saying goes, “Do not tell me what you can do, show me what you can do.” So if you want people to believe in you, especially in difficult times, you must show them what you can do.

Annd Frank once said, “We all know that a good example is more effective than advice. So set a good example, and it won’t take long for others to follow.”

As a leader, if you want your people to follow you, don’t tell them what you can do, just show them what you can do.

Why? Because people follow actions, not words. Because actions matter.

This Is What Happens When “You Follow Others Instead Of Being Yourself”

Photo by RODNAE Productions

Benjamin Creme said, “No one can lead you. You are born to be aware of yourself, to know the Master in yourself.” Why are you not comfortable with yourself? Why are you not happy with your life? The answer is simple: because you are not “aware of yourself.” And to be comfortable with yourself, you must know who you are. Do not try to be like another person.

You are not born to imitate other people. You are here on this earth to make your own statement. No matter how you look, to know who you are, you must be aware of yourself. Because no one knows you more than you know yourself. Do not get busy try to defeat another person. Instead, why not focus on making yourself better than you were yesterday? Do not imitate anybody. You have what it takes to do what you are put here to do. According to Benjamin Creme, “If you follow others instead of being yourself, you lose your sparkle and cannot reflect the light of individuality. Without that light, there is no progress in life.” So if you want to reinvent your life, you must follow yourself, not other people.