How To Grow As A Person

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It is good to grow.
It is even better when you are 
growing in the right direction.

Because life is about growth.
Life is about adding value to our lives.
It is not about staying in one place.

If you want to grow as a person, 
you must move. 
You must do what scares you.
You must look yourself in the 
mirror and fight yourself.

and fight your fears.
and fight yourself.

You are not growing because 
you don't have the courage to fight 
your fears, to fight yourself.

It is even more difficult to face yourself
than to face your fears.

And the only way to grow
is to change where you are,
is to change your attitude,
is to change how you see yourself,
and is to be confident in yourself.

The only way to move to the next level
is to change yourself.
When you change yourself,
everything in your world will change.

And to make it happen, 
you must get outside your comfort zone.