Living In Essence, According To Char Margolis

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Our essence is always here even when we’re not aware of it, because it’s all around us.’

‘When we connect with Essence, we remember that, while there is good and evil in the world, we are here to choose the good. Every time we choose good over evil, we strengthens the presence of Essence in our lives. When we feel it, out lives are happier and more complete.’

Living in Essence shows us how to deal with fear, with crisis, with catastrophe. When we are connected with our inner truth and divinity, we can face our fears and either overcome them or use them as the warnings they are.’

Essence is joy, bliss, connectedness to everything. Essence is like the air you breathe- always present, rarely noticed, but essential for life.’

‘Intuitive asking requires your full attention. We have the power to ask questions of Essence and to get answers.’

Prayers and loving thoughts are our connection not only to Essence, but also to the people we care about here and on the other side.’

Changing or eliminating negative beliefs can take some work because they are often based on negative experiences from the past.’

‘Positive thoughts create positive results. Attitude is everything.

Source: Char Margolis, The Universe is Calling You: Connecting with Essence to Live with Positive Energy, Love, and Power