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Reconnect With Your True Self

Photo by Darrel Und on Pexels.com
Reconnect with your true self. 
Make the time to know yourself again. 
Do not ignore what is important to you. 
Do not ignore what your mind is telling you. 
Do not ignore what your body is telling you. 
And do not ignore what you soul is telling you. 

Listen. Stop chasing. 
Start spending more time with yourself. 
Pursue your dreams. 
Do not be scared to live the life you were created to live. 

When you are not happy, check your thoughts. 
When you are not sure of yourself, 
remember why you are here, why you come alive. 
When you think about giving up, think about your goals, your life. 

Reconnect with yourself. 
Reconnect with who you are. 
When you reconnect with yourself, you are born again. 

Recconnect with your soul. 
Whatever you do not like, do not do it. 
Whatever is against your soul, do not do it. 
Do what makes you happy. 
Do what makes you feel better about yourself. 
Listen to other people, but do not copy them. 
Be there for you. Be comfortable with yourself.

3 Practical Ways To Raise Your Spiritual Connection

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

If you are ready to raise your spiritual connection, to awaken your spititual life, you must change how you see yourself.

Before we continue, let us see what ‘spirituality’ really is. According to Anthony de Mello, “Spirituality means waking up.” It means you are alive. It means you are awake. It means you are in charge of your life. It means you know what you want, what you are doing, and where you are going.

To raise your spiritual connection, here is how to do it:

Accept yourself

What does self-acceptance really mean? It means self-love. Yes. It is more than that. Kyle Gray says, “Acceptance is the spiritual art of acknowledging your true self. It’s the moment when you decide to let go of fear and allow love to be your guide. When you accept yourself, blame judgement and anger aren’t important any more.”

When you accept yourself, it means fear can’t control you anymore. It means anxiety can’t ruin your day anymore. It means you are in charge of your life. No matter what is going on in your life, you should never, never, reject yourself.

Learn to press pause

If you want to get a lot done, if you want to be really productive, you must “learn to press pause.” Learn to relax. Learn to connect with yourself.

So to raise your spiritual connection, according to Kim Davies, “Learn to press pause. Have set periods when you without your phone- mealtimes and bedtime for starters. Go for a walk without your phone, just to see what it feels like. And take a day’s holiday from your phone once a month.”

“See yourself in a loving way”

If you want to raise your spiritual connection, you must first ‘see yourself in a loving way.’ Kyle Gray says, “How you see yourself and how you value yourself have everything to do with raising your vibration. When you begin to raise yourself up and get more connected, you begin to see yourself the way the universe and angels do.”