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How To Create Your Own Life On Your Own Terms

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You can create your own life on your own terms.
And the best life to live is your own life.
You can live it. Do not let anybody tell you that you 
can't create your own life. Of course, you can.
To start, you can start with the following strategies, according to 
Paul Napper and Anthony Rao, PhDs.

Never stop learning. ''... to be an effective learner, you need to adjust 
or at times suspend your opinions and personal beliefs, 
sometimes even deeply held ones , to position yourself to learn.''
You can't learn if all you know is yourself. To learn, you must be present.

Learn how to 'manage your exposure'
''Managing your exposure to external stimuli will increase the quality 
of your thinking, the quality of your judgment, and the quality of your life overall.''

Spend time with quality people.
Yes, with quality people. You need it. Why is that? 
According to Napper & Rao, ''Spending time with empathetic,
optimistic, open-minded people and weeding out those 
who have opposite qualities will boost your mood, elevate your motivation,
and improve your health.'' Life is short. So make sure you are 
spending quality time with quality people. It is good for your dreams.
It is good for your life. And it is good for your happiness. 

Manage your emotions.
If you want to enjoy your life, you must master your own emotions.
Do not let your emotions master you. If they do, your life is going to be 
miserable. According to Napper and Rao, 'Increasing your awareness of emotions
and beliefs drive your thinking, influence your behaviour, 
and affect your judgment will help you navigate life with confidence.''
To master your life, you must master your emotions.

Don’t Fake It Until You Make It

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It is easier to be your real self that to fake it until you make it.
When you fake it, you are not being honest with yourself.
That is not where you want be.

Do not let anyone pressure you into the world of faking it until you make it.
Remember, faking it until you make it is a scam. 
Yes, it is a scam. It is not real. You are hiding something.
You are not telling people the truth about you, about yourself.

Look, if you want to grow, if you want to be successful, believe it or not,
it is better to present your real self, to tell the people around you who you really are.
If you can do that, people will always follow you. 
And you will always be comfortable with yourself.