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How Great Leaders Build Effective Teams

Working in a group

Great leaders understand the importance of great teams. They know how to bring people together to achieve personal and organizational goals. They also know that without great teams, it will be difficult for them to succeed alone.

According to Stephen R. Covey, “Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of the others to achieve great success.”

So, how do great leaders build great teams? They do it by respecting their people, by not demanding cooperation from their people, by listening to their people, by empowering their people, by engaging their people, by challenging their people, and by rewarding their people.

If you want to get the best out of your people, don’t use force, use respect.

They also bring their people together by focusing on their strengths, not their weaknesses. They never use force to get anything from their people. They know that using force to get something from their people will not yield great results. Instead, it will lead to anger and resentment.

If you want to get the best out of your people, don’t use force, use respect.

Great Leaders Don’t Focus Too Much On Themselves. Why ?

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Great leaders don’t focus too much on themselves. Why is that?

According to Henry Kissinger, “The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been.”

That is why great leaders don’t focus too much on themselves. If they focus too much on themselves, they will forget the needs and wants of their employees and their organizations. Great leaders don’t serve themselves. They serve their people. They serve their employees and their families.

As a leader, if you want your people to respect you, don’t focus too much on yourself. That does not mean you should neglect yourself. No. That is not what I am saying. If you focus too much on yourself, you will miss the needs and wants of your employees, your organization, and your customers.

Make sure you always connect with your employees. They want you to be present. They want you to meet them where they are, and listen to them. Listen carefully to what they have to say. Don’t ignore their interests. If you do, you are setting your organization up for failure.

If you ignore your people, if you focus on yourself, they will ignore you; they will ignore your organization. Connect with your people. They will connect with you.