How To Bring Purpose To Your Life

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What is your why? Why are you here?
Are you doing what you love to do? if not, why?
If you are not doing what you love to do, don't worry.
You can turn things around. But to do that, 
you must believe in yourself. You must know what you want.
Your why.

If you can find your why, you can find a way to make it happen.
To make your purpose a reality, do the following things:

'Pay attention to the ideas that draw your interest, especially the ones you can't 
stop thinking about.''- Chris Guillebeau

Remember, according to Chris, 'If you find yourself feeling discontented, 
pay attention to the reasons why.''

'Add action to discontent: Find a way to do something about the uncertainty you feel.''

Ask yourself some tough questions. Questions are revealing. They have the power to bring out 
what you do not know about yourself. According to Chris, 'Asking yourself a series of questions
('What do I want?'') 'How are am I feeling? and so forth) can help you find your next steps.''

And also don't forget to pay attention to what you are doing. Or what you do. How does it make you feel? If it makes you miserable, then it is not a bad idea to consider something else. Do not be afraid to try new things.
Chris writes, 'Be attentive to what happens when you lose yourself in the moment.''

Again, do not forget that your poupose is yours only. If you want it to happen, you must believe in yourself. Chris says, 'You have to believe in your quest even if others don't.'' When you believe in your dreams, that is good enough. 

Plan for your purpose, but do not plan forever. According to Chris, 'Planning is good ... but if you spend all your time planning without making progress, try doing something instead.' 

And finally, even if you have the option of quitting, do not do it. Why is that? Because if you quit, you will never achieve your dreams. And Chris was right when he said, 'When you have the option between backtracking and making progress, choose progress.' Choose progress, no matter what. And you can do it.