4 Ways To Create Your Own Success

Photo by george ketselashvili on Pexels.com
Success is not about what other people are doing. It is not about what other people have. It is not about how other people live their lives. Success is about you. It is about how you see yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you take care of your life.
If you want to be successful, don't compare yourself to others. Because that is what we always do. And we will never stop doing it. 
Don't compare yourself to others. There are many opportunites out there. Instead of comparing yourself to others, why not go out there and create your own success?

Here are four simple ways you can do that: Before we start, remember that success is personal. 

Accept who you are. It sounds simple, but it is difficult for most people to do. According to Mike Iamele, 'When we accept who we are, our whole selves, our complete selves, we learn how to tap into our inherent strengths.'' Real success starts with self-discovery. If you do not know yourself, you won't be able to help yourself. Yes, it is hard. But no matter what, if you want to be successful, you must accept yourself.

Face your fears. Fear is real. But do not give in to it. Do not let it prevent you from living your life, your true life. Whatever it is that you have been postponing, now is the right time to go do it. Do not move away from your dreams. If you want to create a lasting success for yourself, you must move past your fear. To do that, according to Mike, 'is to see where they came from...'' And if you do not deal with it, if you do not cultivate the courage to manage it, you are not going to achieve your success. To quote Mike Iamele, 'If you do not face your fears, you'll never know what you can actually do.'' To achieve success, you must move past your fears.

Find what you are good at and do it. We do well at different things. Whatever you are good at, that is where your strengths are. And if you want to create your own success, you must follow your own path. You must do what you are good at, meaning what you can do really well- effortlessly. According to Payal Kadakia, 'Everyone must come to their own realization in their own way and follow their own path. We can't follow someone else's blueprint. Our answer lies within us.'' If you want to be successful, you must follow your own path.

Do what makes you happy. Happiness lies within us. So how do we reconnect with it? In the words of Jenna Kutcher, 'If you need a place to start weaving a little more joy into your life, pay attention to your curiosities: the things you Google, the forums you could read for hours, the thoughts that nag you, the YouTube videos you watch, the vision you hold for a someday version of you. The things you are curious about or are aching to do are not random, they just might signal an area where you can try, play, experiment, and expand.''