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3 Powerful Life Lessons From John Stange

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Live your own life. Do not do things just because other people are doing it.

From now on, make a point to always love yourself, to always enjoy yourself, to be comfortable with yourself, to accept yourself, to face your life, no matter what.

You do not need other people to connect with yourself. But you do need YOU to connect with yourself. Without you, the real you, not the worldly you, you cannot connect with your real self. You cannot see yourself.

Whether things are good or not, make a point to always be there for you. Do not let anyone drag you down. And do not drag yourself down. Learn to live your life.

If you want to live a peaceful life, John Stange says,

Just continue to be you

“You don’t need to add anything to the drama of what took place by texting your friends about it or changing your demeanor toward those who offended you. Just continue to be you. Don’t let this drag you down. Make a point to be kind, even to those who weren’t kind to you.”- John Stange

Invest your time in your real friends

“What your friends did to you was wrong, but it was also a favor in disguise. She let you know that your friendship wasn’t genuine and that you’d be better off investing your time in your real friends.”- John Stange

You are loved more deeply than you realize

“You are loved more deeply than you realize. I love you, your mother loves you, and, most importantly, the Lord loves you. Our love for you is not conditional. We will never stop loving you.”- John Stange

How To Become Whole Again

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich
Life is not perfect. 
But you can make
 your life whole again.
You can live again.

No matter what you
Have been through,
You can still make 
your life whole.

When something is not
Making you whole, stop it.
When something is not 
Adding anything to your life,
Stop it. 

Surround yourself with positive people.
Surround yourself with people
Who are not afraid to tell you 
What you need to hear.

You can make yourself whole.
You can make your life whole.
Accept where you are. 
Because it is exactly where you 
Need to be. Accept it. Be there.

You can make your life whole.
Be happy for what you have.
Give thanks to God for keeping you alive,
For giving you life, for protecting you.
Stop complaining about what is not there.
If you want to enjoy your life,
You must forget about what is not there.
You must focus on what you have.

When you fail, be happy.
When you fail, be grateful.
When you fail, find a way to do it again.
Find a new way to make it better.
You can do it. You can make your life whole.
And the best time to start is now, is today.