How To Be Hopeful In A Hopeless world

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Life is going to throw everything at you, but do not lose hope. When things are not going well, the only thing you can't afford to lose is hope.
Why? Because when hope is gone, everything is gone. When hope is gone, the future is gone. When hope is gone, learning is gone. When hope is gone, life is gone. 
My question to you is, 'Do you want to lose your life? If you love your life, if you don't want to lose it, no matter what, then keep hope alive.

Here is how to be hopeful in a hopeless world. 

Pay attention to what is going on in your life, but do not let it take your hope away. Pay attention to what is going around you, but do let it be the obstacle between you and your hope. Because when hope is alive, you are alive. And your future is alive. The fullness of your life surrounds you. So do not waste it. According to Cory Allen, 'The fullness of life surrounds us.'' You will see it if you pay attention to it. You won't if you don't.

Enjoy the things around you. Enjoy your positive friends. Enjoy your family. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy nature. And enjoy what you do. Remember, you are not alone. We are all connected. And you are connected to everything around you, so appreciate them because they are in your life for a reason. Cory Allen writes, 'The world flows like a river into all of your senses.'' If you want to know what is happening in your life, pay attention to how you are living your life. And if you want to know whether you know the world around you or not, pay attention to how you feel about it.

Live in the moment. If you want a better tomorrow, it is better you pay attention to whatever is going on in your life today. Tomorrow matters. But today matters even more. Don't rush. Take your time to plan your life. Live your life on your own terms. Do not worry about what the other guy is going. Even if you want to worry about something, it should be about your life. When you are present, you are patient. According to Cory Allen, 'Presence is patience.'' What do you think?

More quotes on how to be hopeful in a hopeless world. 

'When your perspective is large, things that were once big become small.''- Cory Allen
'There is only this moment and the life moving through you.''- Cory Allen
'When do we ever stop to float and feel the deep, slow magic of the ocean?''- Cory Allen
'Staying aware of our presence is how we can lock into the deep, penetrating, richness of life.''- Cory Allen
'No more feeding off of fear and pain. It was time for peace to be my power source.''- Cory Allen
'You are not only walking your path. You are your path.''- Cory Allen
'We stay wrapped up in the story of our lives, making guesses at how everything might relate to us.''- Cory Allen
'You are not your thoughts. You are the thoughts you turn into action.''- Cory Allen
'Intentionally choosing the thoughts you turn into action is what builds who you are.''- Cory Allen
'An unrestored body is a limited one.''- Cory Allen
'Make your clarity a priority and everything will change.''- Cory Allen
'We life gets too far out of balance, we fall.''- Cory Allen
'Being emotionless is still an emtional state.''- Cory Allen
'Being present for those breaths, laughs, and smiles is the essence of living.''- Cory Allen
'Finding our balance is what helps us find ourselves.''- Cory Allen
'You have the power to shape who you are.''- Cory Allen
'The abundance of the present moment is waiting for us to stop looking for what is next so that we can see it again.''- Cory Allen
'Being present gives us a greater awareness of our decision making.''- Cory Allen
'By living in the present moment we will be more aware of our thoughts and actions. That gives us the power to choose.''- Cory Allen
'When you are mindful in conversations, your verbal glitches will fall away and your self-expression will sharpen. And that sharpens your entire life.''- Cory Allen
'There is no rush to being.''- Cory Allen
'Importance is the disguise that distractions love to wear.''- Cory Allen 
'You have will over your impulses.''- Cory Allen
'Honesty is weightless.''- Cory Allen
'When you drive from one place to another, you do not become the road itself. You are the result of the journey.''- Cory Allen
'You never know what your small act of kindness might mean to someone''- Cory Allen
'Honor your individuality. You've earned it by walking in your footsteps.''- Cory Allen
'What you choose to feed your mind has a real effect on how you think.''- Cory Allen
'Any change that you want to make in your life is possible and right at your fingertips.''- Cory Allen
'Just play the first note.''- Cory Allen
'Every time you practice, you expand yourself.''- Cory Allen
'When you get comfortable resting your body, your mental chatter will rest, too.''- Cory Allen
'The best part about knowing you don't know everything is that you don't feel like you know more than other people.''- Cory Allen
'Breath is the tempo of our being.''- Cory Allen
'Our breath can be our teacher.''- Cory Allen
'Time is not the essence of meditation. Meditation is the essence of time.''- Cory Allen
'Simpler is almost always better.''- Cory Allen
'Patiently crafting something is the path to timeless mastery.''- Cory Allen
'When you better yourself, you better the people around you.''- Cory Allen
'The moment is forever.''- Cory Allen