As You Think, So You Grow

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Your thoughts can shape your life. They can shape your future. And they can change your environment. 
According to Swami Sivananda, 'As you think, so you become. As you think, so you develop. As your ideal, so gradually your life will become. This is so because there is a great transforming power in thought.''

Yes, it is not easy to think positive thoughts every day. But if you really want to make yourself happier, you need happy thoughts. 
Why? Because negative thoughts beget negative feelings. Positive thoughts beget positive feelings.

If you respect your happiness,then don't 
hang around negative people, 
aimless people, timid people,
toxic people, and dream killers.
Be grateful for what you have. Focus on love, not hate.

Why is that? Because energy is contagious.