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You Must Let Go Of People Who Don’t Value You

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You must let go of people who don’t value you. If you don’t let them go, they will continue to devalue you. You must tell people how to treat you. You must tell people what you want from them. You must tell people what you stand for. If you don’t tell them how you want to be treated, they will abuse you. They will mistreat you. They will never respect you. So if you don’t want it to happen to you, you must sail your ship. You must drive yourself. You must take charge of your life. If not, they will do it for you. And when they do, you will have nothing left to eat for lunch, let alone dinner.

If you have a friend who is a joke, let him or her go. Don’t hang out with aimless people. If you want to grow, you must look for people who are getting things done. If you don’t want to end up like your aimless friend, you must be in charge of your life.

Walking away from your aimless friend doesn’t mean you hate him or her; it means you love him or her. You respect him or her. You want your friend to do his or her thing. It means you respect yourself. If you don’t want to waste your time, you must let go of your aimless friends.

As the saying goes, “You are as good as your friends.” If you want to be successful, hang out with other successful people. If you want to be happier, hang out with other happy people. If you want to be smarter, hang out with other smart people. If you want to be a leader, you must follow a successful leader. It is not hard. You can do it. It depends on what your values are? If you know your values, you will know where to go. What are your values?

4 Powerful Leadership Quotes That Will Help You Become A Great Leader

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What is leadership? Why do we need great leaders?

According to John Maxwell, leadership expert, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Here is why we need great leaders:

“An organization without a great leader is like a tree without roots.”– E. Bright

An organization without a great leader is going to collapse. It is going to die very fast. Because there is no leader to lead. There is no plan, no vision, no mission. If you want your organization to survive today’s hostile business environment, elect a great leader- a leader who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.

“As a leader, if you can’t develop yourself, you can’t develop your people.”– E. Bright

Life is all about growth. If you are not growing as a leader, you are dying as a leader. You are as good as the people around you. If you surround yourself with people who are better than you are, you will continue to grow. But if you surround yourself with “yes-yes” people, you will continue to decline. John Maxwell says, “You can learn only if others are ahead of you.” If you want to be the best in your industry, play and learn with the best.

“‘Yelling’ is a tool of an ineffective leader.”– E. Bright

If you want people to follow you to the gate of hell, stop yelling at them. People want to follow a leader.

“Encouragement is a tool of an effective leader.”– E. Bright

Great leaders use encouragement to get the job done. They use encouragement to motivate their people to get things done. If you encourage your people to be their best, they will stand by you in good and tough times. Encourage them to grow, to bring their best to work, and they will do just that.

Great leaders don’t discourage, they encourage themselves and their people.