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Life Doesn’t Just Happen

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Nothing happens by accident. If you want something, go for it. You can achieve whatever you want. But to achieve it, you have got to work for it, to pursue it, to create it, to build it, to nurture it, to love it, to bless it, to enjoy it. If not, you are just dreaming. 
It doesn't matter what you want. If you choose it, it will choose you. If you want something, do not let fear stop you from choosing it. Do not be scared to choose yourself. Do not be timid to choose your life, to choose your dreams, to choose you. 
When you choose your life, your life will choose you. No matter where you are, it is important to choose you. No matter what is going on in your life, it is important to choose you. No matter what you are pursuing, it is important to choose you. Why? Because when things are not going well with you, you are still you. You are still alive. When things go wrong, you are still you. You still have the power to choose the life you want to live. 
Do not let anything keep you from living your life. Not even you. Choose yourself. When others say you are not good enough, the best way to fight back is to choose yourself. When the road ahead is not clear, the best way forward is to choose yourself. When you choose yourself, the world will choose you. Let me ask you: "Do you have the courage to choose yourself?"

Each Day Is A Gift

Photo by Kim Stiver on Pexels.com

Life is a gift. Each day is a gift. Each moment is a gift. Each moment is a blessing, is a chance to live life, to love, to enjoy your life. Do not waste it. Do not use your moment to live in the past. Living in the past is a complete waste of time. If you are not here, then you are there. Remember, the best way to enjoy your life is be here, not there.

Today is a gift. What are you doing with it?”

When you focus on where you are, where you are will focus on you. Do not miss any moment of your life. Because you do not know what is going to be happen tomorrow. No, you do not know. I do not know. If we don’t know what is going to happen to us tomorrow, then why are we wasting today? Why are we not enjoying our moments? Why are we not doing the right things? Why are we not taking more risks? Why are we not facing our fears? Because we hate them. We hate our fears. We do not want to talk about them. But the reality is this: “If we do not face our fears, we are not going anywhere. We are not going to achieve our dreams.” To breakthrough, you must face your fears. To enjoy your life, you must spend your precious hours with yourself. To live a better life, you must take charge of your life. And to enjoy the moment, you must live in the moment. Try it.