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How To Deal With Negative Criticism

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“Do the very best you can; and then put up your old umbrella and keep the rain of criticism from raining down the back of your neck.”– Dale Carnegie

If you want to live a healthy life, do not worry yourself about criticism. Whether you are doing well or doing bad in your life, people will criticism you. But if you really want to be great in life, criticism is part of the game of life.

People criticize us based on what they think they know about us. The question is, “Do they really know anything about us?” The answer is NO. They know nothing about you. For that reason, don’t let what they say about you worry you for a minute. If you do, you are giving them the room to do more.

When you are reacting to criticism, don’t react negatively to it. Because reacting negatively to criticism is not going to make it better. It will make it even worse. Also, when you react negatively to criticism, you are telling the person who is criticizing you that he or she is right in his or her evaluation of you. Don’t let that happen!

You can’t learn from criticism if you are not open to it. It does not matter what they are saying about you. The best way to learn from criticism is to be ready to listen. Don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts. They will block you from learning. When you listen, learning happens. Be open to it. It is an opportunity for you to learn something about yourself- your work, your relationships, your thoughts or your life.

Remember what Carnegie said about how to really handle criticism. He said, “Remember that unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment.” We don’t know why people are criticizing us. But when they do, don’t meet it with anger, meet it with love, grace, and happiness.

Are you ready to meet criticism with love?

Why Is It Difficult To Accept Rejection

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Rejection hurts. But the real rejection is self-rejection. If you don’t reject yourself, no one can reject you. Rejection happens within you.

You don’t fear rejection. You fear the problems after rejection. If you want to deal with that, you must first accept yourself. Without self- acceptance, you cannot fight or cope with the issues that come with rejection. According to Bo Bennett, “It is not rejection itself that people fear; it is the possible consequences of rejection.” If you want to build a great life, you must conquer the fear of rejection. You must be in love with yourself. Love conquers everything. If you feel rejected, love yourself even more. With love, rejection is meaningless. With love, your world is bigger than rejection.