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Always Take Care Of Yourself

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com
Do not forget that everything starts with you. 
Life starts with you. 

If you do not take care of yourself, 
who do you think is going to do it for you? 
No one.
No one, but you.

No matter what, do not forget 
to drink water, 
to eat well, 
to exercise, to meet positive people, 
to meditate, 
to sleep well. 

Take care of your mind, 
body, and soul. 
If you lose them, 
you lose everything. 

When you take care of your mind, 
your body, and your soul, you gain everything. 

Do not wait for anyone 
to make you feel great about yourself. 
You can make yourself feel great about yourself. 

You are not your problems. 
You are not what happened to you. 
You are you. 
Nothing can change that. 

Take care of your mind. 
Where you are right now is the right place for you. 
Pay attention to what you are doing. 
And life will reward you with success. 

You Rise by…

Photo by Christina Morillo

In the words of James Allen, “Whatever your task may be, concentrate your whole mind upon it; throw into it all the energy of which you are capable. The faultless completion of small tasks, leads inevitably to lager tasks. See to it that you rise by steady climbing, and you will never fail.”

Whatever you are doing, whatever your task may be,

if you want to be good at it, if you want to master it,

you must concentrate your whole mind upon it.

Be the best at what you do. Study everything about it.

Ask great questions. Learn everything about what you do.

Listen to people who have done it. Learn from others. Relearn what you already know.

Learn what you do not know.

Because we rise by learning.

We rise by loving.

We rise by teaching.

We rise by asking questions.

We rise by doing what others do not do.

We rise by challenging ourselves.

We rise by facing our fears.

And we rise by conquering ourselves.

Again, whatever you do, do it well.