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How To Attract Things That Bring Us Happiness

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As James Allen once said, “A man can attract that to him which is in harmony with his nature.” We are what we attract. We don’t attract anything that is not in harmony with our thoughts. If you want to feel good about something, or you are praying for something, fill your mind with the right thoughts. You get what you think about. If you think about negative things, you will attract negative things into your life.

You can control your thoughts. If you don’t like what you are thinking about, you can always change it. According to James Allen, ” You are the thinker of your thoughts, and as such you are the maker of self and condition.” Yes, we are the thinkers of our thoughts. We are the makers of our lives. If you don’t like your thoughts, change them. You are always going to be attracting that which you think about all the time.

If you want to change anything in your life, you must first work on your thoughts. You may change your home address, you may change your school, you may change your friends, you may change your car, but wherever you go, you will attract the same thing into your life. It is not about your situation, it is not about your condition, it is not about your circumstances; it is about your thoughts. If you want to get different results, change your thoughts. If you want your circumstances to change, you must change your thoughts. Until you change your thoughts, your life will never change.

How To Do What You Are Afraid To Do

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“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”- Aristotle

Fear is part of life. To live your life, to do what you are afraid to, to get out of your comfort zone, you must take action. To do what you want to do with yourself, you must use love to conquer fear. Only love can conquer fear. Use love to remove fear from your life. There is nothing that love cannot create. With love in your heart, you can do anything. Before you start anything, my friends, think love. Think love thoughts. Remove fear thoughts from your mind. When you think fear thoughts, you attract more fear thoughts into your life. When you think love thoughts, you attract love into your life. When you fear something, do not run away from it. Try to understand it. When you understand it, you won’t fear it. We fear what we don’t understand. We don’t fear what we know. That is why so many people hate change. Because change is vulnerable. It brings chaos. It destroys routine. It takes people out of their comfort zones. But you can live your life with love. Live love. Breathe love. Carry love in your heart. Don’t fear what you don’t know. Instead, learn more about it. There is power in learning. Always learn something new. Learning cures fear. Whatever you want in your life, you can get. Do not let fear be the obstacle to your success. Remove it with action. Action cures fear. Action builds confidence. Action brings freedom. Remember, only love can set you free. So if you want to free, carry love in your heart. With love, with action, you can overcome your fears. With love, with compassion, you can overcome your fears.