6 Smart Ways To Stay Positive In Life

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James Allen said, “Think good thoughts, and they will quietly become actualized in your outward life in the form of good conditions.” To stay positive in life, you have to stay away from negative things. You have to maintain a positive state of mind.

Everything starts in the mind. Don’t allow negative things into your mind. Don’t let negative people get access to your mind. Keep your mind sacred. Keep it holy. It is your temple. If you allow negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, associations to mess you up, you are the one who is going to suffer the disharmony within you.

It is hard to always stay positive. But with these six smart ways, you can stay positive in your life.

Focus on the bright side of things.

There are lots of negative things happening around us, but we can choose what we focus on. If you focus on negative things, you will be attracted to negative things. Focus on positive things, move with positive people, do and think about positive things every day.

Be grateful.

A lot of people are not happy because they think about what they don’t have, what is wrong with them, what is not working, what is broken. No, don’t do that. It is a complete waste of your time. Instead, focus all your energy on what is working for you. Appreciate what you have, no matter what. Don’t complain, but celebrate.

Do not doubt yourself.

You cannot stay positive in life if all you do is to continually tear yourself down. To stay positive in life, be positive about everything you do. If you doubt yourself, you have planted the seeds of fear, of doubt, of unhappiness, of sadness, of failure in your mind. No matter what, don’t doubt yourself. Believe in yourself. People will believe in you, too.

Hold the thought of superiority in your mind.

If you want to stay positive in life, let your mind be a positive temple. You cannot keep inferior thoughts in your mind and expect to live a positive life. That is not how life works. Orison Sweat Marden said, “If you want to reach nobility, you can never do it by holding the thought of inferiority- the thought that you are not as good as other people; that you are not as able; that you can’t do this; that you can’t do that.” There is nothing you cannot do if you want it badly. You can do anything if you believe in yourself, and if you know exactly what you want.

Bring out the best in you.

Bring out the best in you. You have it. Orison Sweat Marden said, “Nothing will compensate you for stifling the best thing in you. Bring it out at any sacrifice.” Don’t be scared to express who you really are. Don’t be scared to show people what you can do, and cannot do. Don’t be timid. Be brave. Life belongs to the brave, not to the timid. When you show your braveness, the world will embrace you, and success will come to you.

Help others.

We are more connected than you think. The world need your help. People need your help. They need your talents, your time, yourself. You can’t change the world alone, but you can help change one person. Start today. According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, “Helping other people gives you a surge of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, all of which create good feelings.” Helping other people brings good feelings, which is good for your health and well-being.

Stay positive!


12 Henry Thomas Hamblin Quotes On The Power Of Thought

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Henry Thomas Hamblin was an English mystic and New Thought author.

Thoughts have the power to change your life. If you consistently think about positive things, your life will be positive. You will attract positive things into your life. But if you continue to think about negative things that are happening around you, you will continue to attract negative things into your life. What you think about you will become. Make sure your thoughts are directed toward positive things. You have lots of positive things to think about. Focus on them.

“Life is not a matter of chance or luck; it is not something out of our control; it is largely the result or effect of our thoughts.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

Hope the following Henry’s quotes will help you focus your energy on positive things instead of negative things.

“You are the architect of your own life: It is yours to make or to mar. By the power of thoughts you are building; are you building aright.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“What a man thinks, he becomes.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“What a man thinks is the mainspring of all his actions.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“What a man thinks attracts to him his circumstances and environment.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“What a man thinks determines what type of friends and companies will gather around him.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“What a man thinks decides whether he shall be happy or miserable, successful or unsuccessful, healthy or unhealthy, prosperous or poverty-stricken, hated or loved.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“What a man thinks either builds up his character or pulls him down.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“What a man thinks can overcome fate or strengthen it, can bring him in alignment with glorious destiny, or make him an outcast and a wanderer in the desert places.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“By thought man either blesses or curses himself.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“It is impossible to think evil thoughts and bring forth good actions.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“Money and fame are useless if they fail to bring happiness and satisfaction.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin

“Avoiding the issue in thought increases the trouble.”- Henry Thomas Hamblin