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How To Stop Fear From Controlling You

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Photo by Anthony Shkraba

Tell yourself, “I can do this.” That is how you control fear. You control it by taking action to change things in your life. Fear does not respect talk. Fear respects action. Fear and action cannot coexist. When you take action, fear disappears. According to Alvah Bessie, “Fear is real and there is nothing you can do about it except to keep functioning, keep your hands and legs and body moving, your mind focused on the task at hand.” To get things done, don’t focus on fear. It is there, but do not let it put you in your comfort zone. Do not accept it. Because you are better than your comfort zone. You are here to move, to work, to live, not to get stuck in a rut. Baruch Spinoza said, “Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear.” Be hopeful that things will get better. Yes, no one can predict the future. But if you work really hard right now, if you concentrate on the task at hand, you can create your own future. You can do it. Don’t make things hard for yourself. Simplify your life. Make things easy, not difficult. Do what you haven’t done before. Try different things. Do not worry about failure, worry about not doing anything to change your situation. Take on new projects. Meet new people. Stretch your brain. Create thinking time for yourself. Hang out with people who are fearless. When you are always with confident people, your level of confidence will increase. Be around people who are smarter than you are. Above all, “always do what you are afraid to do.”

How To Get What You Concentrate Upon

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We get what we concentrate upon. But how do we get it? According to Jane Roberts, “You get what you concentrate upon.” That is, if you concentrate upon success, you will get success. If you concentrate upon hate, you will get hate. If you concentrate upon your life, you will get your life.

But what if we concentrate upon the wrong thing? What do we do to protect ourselves? What do we do to protect our minds?

Because of your intense concentration, be careful not to miss the wonder that is happening around you. Wonder is happening around you. Pay attention to it. Pay attention to love. Pay attention to happiness. Pay attention to other people. Above all, pay attention to yourself. But if you don’t concentrate on the right thing, you miss it.

If you want love to dominate your life, concentrate on love thoughts. If you want happiness to dominate your life, concentrate on happiness thoughts. You can find happiness right where you are just by paying attention. You can find love right where you are just by paying attention. Whatever you want in your life, pay attention to it.

But if you don’t pay attention to love, you miss love. And if you don’t pay attention to happiness, you miss happiness. And if you don’t pay attention to yourself, you miss yourself. What are you concentrating upon?