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It Is A Privilege To Be Alive

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Stop complaining. You have your life to celebrate. Celebrate your life. Love your life. Love yourself. You are enough. Accept it. Don’t be angry. Stephen Hawking said, “People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.” Don’t worry about where you are. It is where you are supposed to be. It is your place. If you want to enjoy it, you must accept where you are. If you want to enjoy your life, you must first accept your life.

It is a privilege to be alive. It is a great time to be alive. Your work is to make your life the way you want it. Don’t live other people’s lives. Don’t waste your time chasing what is not chasing you. Don’t waste your time chasing happiness. Enjoy where you are. If you practice what you preach, happiness will come to you. Forgive yourself for who you are. It is a privilege to be yourself in a world that is doing everything to change you. You must stand for what you preach, even in the face of trouble. Can you?

Are You Comfortable With Yourself?

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It is okay to be by yourself. It is okay to live your own life in your way. If you are not comfortable living your life, if you are not comfortable being yourself, if you are not comfortable loving yourself, what are you doing to yourself?

“We live together, we act on, and react to, one another; but always and in all circumstances we are by ourselves.”– Aldous Huxley

Stop preparing to live your life. Your life is unique. You must be comfortable living it. Don’t apologize for living your life in your own way. Don’t! If you have been waiting for people to love you before you love yourself, you are not helping your life. You are hurting your life, your growth. Live your life. Stop waiting to live. You are not going to be here forever. You are going to die one day. Why not make your life worth living? Why not stop waiting for who is not waiting for you? Whether you are afraid to live your life or not, you are responsible for your own life. You are responsible for everything concerning you. Don’t expect too much from people. Don’t expect what you cannot give yourself from anyone. Do it for you.

If you want happiness from other people, give happiness to yourself. If you want love from other people, give love to yourself. Why? Because what you can’t do for yourself, no one can do it for you. It is your life.