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Walk Away Or Stay

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If a situation is not good for you, walk away. If you do not walk away from it, you are making it worse, not better. Do not let fear stop you from leaving a terrible place. If your job is not making you happy, then it is not the right one for you. But do not just walk away from your job. Make sure you have another one before you leave. 
If you stay in a toxic place, one thing will happen to you: you will stop growing. You will find it really difficult to do what you are here to do. To grow.
In the words of Joel Osteen, "What you're not willing to walk away from is where you'll stop growing." If you are not willing to let go, then you are only wasting your time. 
If there is anything that is not making you happy, that is stealing from your future, walk away from it. If you stay, if give in to fear, you will stop growing. And if you are not growing, life becomes meaningless. 
Do not let that happen to you. Whatever it is that you are not comfortable with, try to make it better. But if you can't, then walk away from it. If not, it will stop you from growing, from chasing your dreams. 
It is okay to walk away. Do it when you need to. It is important. If you can, why not? If you can't, why?

If you are not enjoying something, then why are you still doing it?

Change Cannot Happen Without This

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"Trying to change your life without being self-aware is like using a map to try to get somewhere you've never been before: if you don't know where you're starting from, you ain't gonna get very far."- Jen Sincero

Why is that? Because change starts with you. You are the one who is changing, not me. So if you want it to be successful, you must first know why you are changing. You have got to ask yourself, 
"Why am I doing it now?" "Is it the right time for me?"
Know who you are before trying to change your life. If you do not know who you are, or you do not have the courage to ask yourself some tough questions, then your change is not going to be successful. 
Why? Because you are not in the game. You are just a spectator. 

To change your life, you must be a participant, not a spectator. 
A participant is working, doing, innovating, creating, changing.
A spectator is just watching people getting things done. 
If you want to change your life, to move to the next level, you do not need spectators around you.
You need more participants. If not, you are not going to get to where you want to be.