4 Important Financial Lessons From Morgan Housel

Photo by Pixabay

If you want to be successful, make more money, spend less, save more. It is that simple, but very hard to do. You can do it. You have done it before.

And nothing is stopping you from doing it again. And the right time to start is now. If you do not start to take charge of your financial life, then when are you going to start it? Do not wait. Even if you are in debt, do not get discouraged. The only way to free yourself from the bondage of debt is to save more money than you spend.

If you do not need something, then don’t buy it. Do not buy something just because other people are buying it. Do not buy something just because they are cheap. Save your money.

If you really want to take charge of your financial life, your financial health, you must discipline yourself.

You must not buy what you do not need. Know this: It does not matter how much you make. If you cannot save enough money for yourself, then you are not making anything.

Successful people spend less. They save more. They spend less. They spend their money on important things, things that can shape their lives.

If something is not helping you, then it is hurting you. If you can’t save money for yourself, for your future, then you are hurting yourself, your future.

To change that, Morgan Housel says, “So people’s ability to save is more in their control than they might think.” He says, “Saving can be created by spending less.” That is correct. If you want more, spend less, do more, desire less.

You can spend less if you desire less.” That is a problem for a lot of people. They can’t let go of what is on sales.

If you can leave without it, you do not need it. If you can survive a day without it, then you do not need it. Whether something is on sales or not, if you do not need it, do not buy it. Do not waste your money, especially when you don’t have your own money.

“If you want more, spend less.”

Do not spend your credit card on worthless things. Use your credit card to change your life. Use it to enrol for a new course, not to buy something you do not need. Morgan Housel says, “… you will desire less if you care less about what others think of you.” This is one of the problems that is really affecting all of us.

We do things that we are not comfortable with. We do things just to make other people happy. Look, you do not live for people. You are living for yourself. So if you want to be happy, do not worry about what other people are saying about you. They do not count.

What really count is what you are saying about yourself. What really count is whether you are saving money or not? What really count is whether you are growing your financial life or not? Not people’s opinions. Listen to yourself, not to their opinions.