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Do You Want Your Tomorrow To Be Like Today?

Brown Wooden Blocks on White Table
Photo by Brett Jordan

“Tomorrow will be like today. Life wastes itself whilst we are preparing to live.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The question is, Do you want your tomorrow to be like today? Do you really want to see something new? If yes, what are you doing about it? Are you planning? Are you reading? Are you doing things differently? Are you asking yourself the hard questions? Are you hanging out with the right people? Are you thinking the right thoughts? If not now, when are you going to start?

It is never too late to change yourself. It is never too late to fall in love with your life. Because the only thing that can really transform your life is LOVE. Pierre- Teilhard de Chardin famously said,“Love is the only force which can make things one without destroying them…” Whatever you do in your life, do it with love. Don’t think fear thoughts. Because if you do, you attract more fear thoughts into your life. Remember, fear is a dream killer. So you must do everything within your power to take fear out of the equation of life.

And to make your future the way you want it, you need a balanced equation. You need to focus on what will get you closer to your dream. It is very important. Do not just talk about changing your life. If you want to really change it, if you want your tomorrow to be different, you must act differently today. That is the only way you can change your future. Do not forget that your future is in your care. If you don’t take your future seriously today, when are you going to take it seriously?

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with that first step. if you look ahead to the end, and all the weary miles between, with all the dangers you might face, you might never take that first step. And whatever it is you want to achieve in your life, if you don’t make the effort. You won’t reach your goal. So take the first step.”- Sir Richard Branson

When it comes to success, the first step is very important. If you have the courage to take the first step, success is yours. The first step is always scary to take. But if you can take it, you can win. Don’t let it stop you from going after your dreams. People don’t take the first step because they don’t want to fail. They don’t want to fall. They don’t want to fail. They don’t want to look stupid. They don’t want to look weak. People don’t take the first step because they don’t want other people to blame them.

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve in your life. To achieve it, you must take the first step. The baby step. The scary step. The weak step. You must take it to grow yourself. It is scary, but you can do it. You can change yourself. You can transform yourself, your life. So just take the first step. And you will succeed.