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Are You Fully Present In The Here And Now

Photo by Angela Roma

Today matters. Before you start your day, before you leave your house, before you even make your morning coffee, make sure you have one positive thing that you want to get done. You can choose anything. It doesn’t really matter. You know what is important to you. But choose something based on your values, your goals, your dreams, your purpose in life.

You can focus on completing your unfinished project. You can focus on giving people love. You can focus on doing one thing at a time. You can focus on being fully present when you are with someone. The choice is yours.

One positive thing is better than twenty negative things. Doing one thing really well is better than doing so many things poorly. When it comes to task, when it comes to getting your task done, focus on one thing. It is better for you. It is better for your mind. It is better for your growth and development. It is better for your productivity.

When you focus on doing more than one thing at a time, you won’t get what you want. You will not do very well. You will do poorly. Why is that? Because you have divided your attention into so many places. You know that when attention is divided, when you don’t focus your attention on one thing, you will do really poorly.

But you can train yourself to be wherever you are. I think that is the best way to focus on one thing at a time. Just be there. Don’t fly. Do not think about anything. Do not get distracted by what you didn’t do well yesterday. Remember, what you are trying to learn now is what you didn’t do well yersterday. To stop yesterday from happening again, you must experience everything you are doing right now. Be there. Be yourself. Have purpose. Know what you want. Know how to get it.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, be fully present. Be there. Because success happens when we are present. Transformation happens when we are present in the here. Life changes when we are present. The question is, Are you present in the here and now?

Why You Should Have A True Friend

Five Women Laughing
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We can’t live without others. And others can’t live without us. We need them in our lives. They need us in their lives. But it is important to know who you are inviting into your life. Don’t bring everybody into your life. Because you cannot be a friend to everybody. If you are a friend to everybody, then you are not a friend to your soul. Because you cannot make everybody happy. Do not even try to do it. It is not going to work.

You need a true friend. But if you can’t find a good friend, then be a true friend to yourself. Love yourself. Be your own best friend. Because if you cannot be your own best friend, no one can be your best friend. Your best friend lives within you. Your best friend is you, your soul, your heart.

Your true friend will always be there for you, will not judge you, will lift you up when you are down, will make you laugh when you are sad, will talk to you with respect, will always celebrate your success, will help heal your broken soul, will help you transform your life, and help you transform your pain into purpose.

If you cannot find a true friend, be a true friend to yourself, to your boss, to your wife, to your neighbor, to your customer, to your dog, to your mentor, to your soul. Can you make your soul happy?