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You Have The Power To Transform The Quality Of Your Life

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Pexels.com
No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, 
you have the power to create your life.

It does not matter what is going on in your life 
right now. What matters is you have the power to 
transform your life. You have the power to make it better.

Werner Erhard said, 'At all times and under all 
circumstances, we have the power to transform the 
quality of our lives.'' Yes, you can do it.
To do that, you MUST focus on what matters to you. 
And let go of what doesn't matter to you.
When you do that, the quality of your life will change.
And you will change.

Life Is More Than Just Going Through The Motions

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Pexels.com
''You and I want our lives to matter. We want our lives to make a real difference-
to be of genuine consequence in the world. We know that there is no satisfaction in merely going through the motions in life, even if those motions make us successful- or even if we have arranged to make those motions pleasant. We want to know we have had some impact on the world. In fact, you and I want to contribute to the quality of life. We want to make the world work.''- Werner Erhard

Life is more than just killing time. It is more than just doing what you don't want to do.
Life is more than just going through the motions.

If you are not enjoying something, then why are you there? 
If you stay, you are only making yourself unhappy. 
Do not do that to yourself. Life is more than that.

Remember, if something is not blessing you, it is hurting you. 
So do not pretend to love what you do not love. 
If it is not for you, there is nothing you are going to do to make it better.

Remember what you are here to do. You are not here to endure.
You are here to live, to make a difference in your life, to increase the quality 
of your life, to write your own story. 
If you are not making a difference, find a way to make it. Because that is why you are here.