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God’s Love

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God’s love is unconditional. It is peaceful. If you are looking for love, real love, seek God’s love.

It is what you need when you are happy. God’s love is what you need when things are not going well. God’s love is what you need when your friends are gone.

Rely on God’s love. Do not worry about what your friends are saying about you. If you rely on God’s love, you have everything. You have life. You have yourself.

When things are down, when the road ahead is unknown, rely on God’s love. In his book Dwell on These Things: A Thirty-One- Day Challenge to Talk to Yourself Like God Talks to You, John Stange writes, “God’s love can be relied on when you’re in the middle of drama. God’s love can be relied on when your friends desert you. God’s love can be relied on when you’ve made major mistakes. God’s love can be relied on when you’re trying to bounce back from whatever’s got you down.”

Whatever you are going through, do not rely on people. They will disappoint you. They will desert you. They will live you where you are. But God will never live you alone. He believes in you. He just want you to trust yourself, to believe in yourself.

Do not worry about anything. Rely on God’s love. He will save you. He won’t run away from you. The question is, do you trust yourself?

How To “Create A Greater You”

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You can create a better you. To do it, you must surrender yourself. You must not fear to live your life. Do not be scared to express yourself. Be comfortable with yourself.

Because creating a greater life starts with you. It starts with the love you have for yourself. It starts with how you treat yourself, how you treat other people. It starts with how you see yourself.

No matter how you look, you can only be you. You can’t be like another person. Even if you try to do it, to change yourself, it won’t work. You can lie to your physical body, not to your soul.

No matter how you look, if you want to make peace with your soul, if you want to live a happy life, you must be comfortable with yourself.

To create a greater life, to create a greater you, in the words of Regina Brett, “Create and live a life that is so good, it doesn’t matter if anyone comes along. Say yes to every opportunity to make new friends, meet new people, try new adventures. … Be your best, deepest, truest self. Make yourself attractive to you.” If not, you are not living for yourself. You are living for others.