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Things Aren’t Perfect.

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“Nothing is perfect in life.” You are not perfect. I’m not perfect. No one is perfect. So why are you expecting things to be perfect in your life?

Be happy with your life. “Don’t expect things to be perfect, but expect the best.” Wish and work for the best. Don’t settle for less. Don’t accept anything less than perfect in your life.

“Instead of striving

for perfection,

strive to get comfortable

with the fact that

things aren’t perfect


never will be.”-

Lucinda Bassett

You get what you expect. So always expect great things to come to you. If you expect bad things, if you think about bad things, they will come to pass. Always think of great things.

This Is What Life Requires From You

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Life is simple. Life is not difficult. We are making things difficult for ourselves.

If we can just listen to NATURE, we won’t be in any trouble, we won’t suffer, we won’t fight against ourselves. We are in trouble because we try to change the things that we cannot change. We are in trouble because we are trying to make other people live our lives. We want them to look like us, to behave the way we behave, to do what we asked them to do.

Life does not require us to be perfect. Life does not require us to love people conditionally. Life does not require us to spend a short time with our love ones. Life does not require us to choose a career that we don’t like. Life does not require us to hate ourselves and others. Life does not require us to make things difficult for ourselves. Life does not require us to make simple things hard for ourselves.

So, what does life require that we do? To answer this question, let me quote H. Jackson Brown, Jr. According to H. Jackson Brown, Jr., “Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” He is right.

But the problem with that quote is that we now live in a very fast world. We want to be perfect. Our managers want us to be perfect. There is no room for us to make mistakes anymore. We are constantly under pressure- work pressure, family pressure, developmental pressure, social pressure, and psychological pressure.

So how can we live a peaceful life?

We can live a peaceful life if we want to. It is simple. It starts with the choices that you make. Life does not require you to be the best in your organization. Life requires that you do your best, be your best, live your best, and celebrate your best. That is it!

Don’t do the things that you don’t like. Let them fit your values. Because whatever you do that are against your values, you are not going to be comfortable doing it. And if you are not comfortable doing your work, why are you doing it?

Remember this: don’t try to be the best, but try to do your best work every day.

That is what life requires from you!