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If You Want To Live This Life, You Must Have This One Thing

Photo by Mart Production

“To live this life, my friends, you have to have a genuine passion. Nothing artificial. To live this life, to love this life, you have to have a genuine passion. … Passion is the point. That love is the point. That feeling is the point. … That passion. That love. That awakening. That joy.”- Prem Rawat, Spiritual teacher

Your Future Starts Today

Curious American Pit Bull Terrier standing on hind legs at wooden table and looking away near white wall with The Future Starts Today decorative inscription
Photo by Anastasiya Vragova

Whatever you have to do, today is the best time to start it. Do not let fear keep you where you are. Follow your passion. Do it. Pursue your passion with all you have. If you do not know what you are passionate about, listen to yourself. Pay attention to what makes you really happy. Be honest with yourself. Do not rush yourself into something. Take your time. But do not quit. Ausonius Said, “Begin whatever you have to do; the beginning of a work stands for the whole.” Yes, to start is to win. If you don’t start something, if you don’t add value to yourself, then how are you going to attract love, happiness into your life?