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How To Develop Your Future Self

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com
Where are you now? 
What are you doing right now?
Are you developing yourself? 
Or, are you waiting for your future to 
happen by itself?
Do not wait. Make it happen.

It won't happen by itself.
Because you are your future.
Whatever you are doing now, 
today, this moment, is making your future.

To have a better future, you must 
develop a better you.
When you accept yourself, 
when you embrace your life,
when you do what you are doing 
with love, with passion, with care,
then your future self is possible.

The Power Of A Powerful Yes

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.com
"If you have a powerful yes, 
you'll find a way to make it happen. 
A passionate yes makes it very hard 
for people to say no to you."- Gezim Gashi

Do you have a powerful yes? 
How powerful is it? 

To be successful in your own life,
don't worry about how many nos
you have received in your life.
They don't matter.
All you have to do is learn from them.
Rejections have lessons.
Follow the lessons, not the rejections.

People do not reject you. It is not about you.
They are not happy with what you are selling.
Just know that rejection is not about you,
but about what you are selling.

If you want to grow, you must be comfortable with rejection letters.
You must be comfortable with lots of nos.
And they will continue to come.

When you hear no, then it means you are 
getting closer to where you are going to be.
It means you are trying.
It is means something is about to happen.
Just be patient with yourself,
And victory will come.