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Detachment: How To Practice It Every Day

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Detachment means separation. It means detaching yourself from what you already know, from what is hurting you, from selfish people, from the things that are not getting you closer to your dreams, from being the talker, from controlling other people, from lying to yourself, from manipulating others.

Detachment brings peace. It brings love. It brings happiness. It brings freedom.

Detachment says, “Let it go. Do not let anything own you. Do not crave over anything. Be happy with what you have. Take care of your mind. Enjoy your life. Make peace with yourself.”

“Only by detaching can we truly gain control of the mind.”- Jay Shetty

If you want to make peace with your soul, you must first detach yourself from the things that are hurting your soul.

Detach yourself from: anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, laziness, hate, and procrastination.

Detachment is the key to a lasting peace. In his book Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day, Jay Shetty writes, “Detaching means escaping the hold of the senses, of earthly desires, of the material world. It means detaching from your selfish interest, from being right, from being seen in a certain way, from what you want right now.”

He adds: “Only by detaching can we truly gain control of the mind.” If you want to live a peaceful life, do not attach yourself to anything. Because “attachment brings pain.” Seek peace, not pain.

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2 Simple Ways To Find Peace

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Do not attach yourself to anything

“We try to cling to pleasure, but all we succeed in doing is making ourselves frustrated because, whatever it promises, pleasure simply cannot last. But if I am willing to kiss the joy as it flies, I say, ‘Yes, this moment is beautiful. I won’t grab it. I’ll let it go.”- Easwaran Eknath

Things take time to grow

“… Patience can’t be acquired overnight. It”s just like building up a muscle. Every day you need to work on it, to push its limits.”- Easwaran Eknath

Whatever you are doing, be patient with yourself.