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Always Treat People With Kindness

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''One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, 
by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion.''- Simone  de Beavoir

Treat people with love. Treat people with respect. You deserve respect. Others deserve 
When you meet people, it does not matter where, make sure you listen to them.
Do not make things too difficult for them. Make it a habit to always make people feel good 
about themselves.
Remember, when you make people feel good about themselves, 
when you make them forget about what they are going through,
when you treat people as human beings, you inspire other people to treat others with love.

Just Know That Life Is Bigger Than You

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Life is more than you. Life is more than your power.
You can't face life alone.
Whatever you are doing here on earth,
you are not doing it for yourself;
you are doing it for other people.

You are here for others, not for yourself.
You are here to lift others up.
When you do for others, others will do for you.
When you do for others, others will do for you.

Fulfillment comes from helping others.
Happiness comes from putting others first.
Life is sweet when you put others first,
when you see them, when you care about them,
when you recognize them as human beings.

That is why you are here.
To help. To be there for yourself. To be there for others.