Dr. Henry Cloud Quotes That Will Change Your Life Forever

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com
Choose your actions wisely. 
''We are free to choose our actions, but, unfortunately, 
we are not free to choose the consequences.''

'Nothing gets better on its own.'
'Nothing gets better on its own. Left alone, 
these patterns will destroy life.''

You are still you.
''Wherever you go, there you are.
Whatever you own, you are still the same person.
Whoever you are with, you are still you.
Wherever you work, you are still the same person.''

Your happiness depends on your inner life.
''People who are happy know that their
happiness doesn't depend on external factors,
but internal ones.''

You are who you are.
'We are who we are;
outside circumstances do not
change who we are on the inside.''

'Life works 'inside out.'''
'Our life is never on the outside.
It is always on the inside. 
The invisible life always produces the visible life.
Life works 'inside out.'''

'The way to get better.'
'The way to get better is to be honest 
about who we are and allow God to take our weaknesses
and make them better.''

'How to succeed.'
'The ones who succeeded were willing to go 
through the painful moment required to
get what they desired.''