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Life Is The Time Between These Two Things

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People try to define life

“People try to define life. … But in reality, life is simply the time between birth and death. … But if you could just see the beauty around you and realize the goodness that it means to be able to breathe, to be able to exist, and for somebody to be able to facilitate that for you, then God is not mysterious, God is kind and beautiful.”- Prem Rawat, Spiritual teacher

Is Love Greedy?

Man and Woman Standing at Seashore
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Seek love within, not without. We all want love. But the question is, “Is love greedy?” Maybe no, maybe yes. I don’t know the answer. But according to Pope Benedict XV1, “Love is not greedy or self-seeking, but pure, faithful and genuinely free, open to others, respectful of their dignity, seeking their good, radiating joy and beauty.” That is what love is all about.

Real love is not greedy, but selfless. Love is not greedy. Love is not self-seeking. Love is pure. Love is faithful. Love is free. Love is open to all. And love is beautiful. And according to Maya Angelou, “Love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.” Yes, love is freedom. So if you want to be free, practice love.

“Love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is love that sets us free.”-

Maya Angelou