The Feeling Of Fear

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You are dealing with something 
that is not going to go away.
No matter what you think about it,
it is going to be there.

So, how are you going to manage it?
What are your plans?
What are your strategies?
Remember, as the old saying goes,
"If you are not planning, you are planning to fail."

Because you can't forget it.
You can't live without it.
It is always there.

If you want to enjoy your life, 
if you want to make peace with yourself,
if you want to take risks, 
if you are tired of living the same life,
doing the same thing, you must make peace with your fears.

Because you can't remove them.
The best way to deal with them is to acknowledge them.
It is to know that they are  there.
But do not let them take charge of your life.

Your fears are there. They are watching you.
Whenever you plan to do something,
especially new things, they appear.

Whether they appear or not, if you want  what you want,
if you think you deserve a better life,
then do not let fear be the stone 
between you and your dreams.